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Home to some of the world’s most famous masters of culinary creations, South Africa is every food lover’s dream. South Africa is a melting pot of cultures burning on a flame of new found democracy. The cultural diversity of the country with its African, Asian and European influences is displayed in the wide variety of culinary and wine tours available in South Africa. Regardless of whether you want sushi, spaghetti or South African steak perfectly paired with fabulous wines, there is a wine and culinary tour to suit.

Flavours of KZN combines KwaZulu-Natal’s unique selection of food and wine in one offering. Ethnic, KZN food presented and produced in a way that is unique and special to KwaZulu-Natal, paired with fantastic wines. Together with local chefs, restaurants, hotels, guest-houses and lodges, you can enjoy a cultural and gastronomic adventure as you travel the length and breadth of the province.
Choose a package tailor-made to suit your needs….whether it is Beach, Berg, Bush or Battlefields you want to visit….you can experience the diverse cultures,  
Flavours of KZN in conjunction with Africa meets Europe, a company driven by the passion of  rich African culture and more specifically African cuisine, will assist with the employment and development of local chefs. The Chefs from various restaurants in the region will be leading the connection “from the farm to the fork.” Thus will communicate the value of local, fresh and “artisanal” produce to the public. This will also enhance the network between the public, Chefs and the small producers in order to develop future business partnerships and be prompted to buy directly from the farmer.
Flavours of KZN will define South African cuisine, showcasing and plat forming the evolving cultural foods in contemporary times.